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Kym Hansler MEd, LPC is a licensed professional counselor, registered yoga teacher, is a certified assisted living administrator, and specializes in holistic cognitive health education & assessment.

Kym Hansler spent over 15 years devoted to providing the best possible care known to people living with dementia. Until recently, that was about all anyone thought they could do. She is honored to be a part of the cutting edge work of the ENCORE team and excited to turn her energy towards healing and good health.



Kym is passionate about teaching patients easy stress reduction techniques, lifetime management practices, practical meditation and comprehensive assessments to gauge progress. Because of Kym’s experience with the traditional health care model, she is able to navigate the complex world of insurance, housing/placement, advanced directives and local resources. She also believes that dementia prevention and treatment is a lifestyle change, which requires worthwhile effort. Kym is adept at partnering with patients to optimize their chance and maintenance of success.


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