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About Dr. Robert Zieve, MD

Dr. Robert Zieve, MD is one of the most experienced and well-trained physicians in integrative cancer medicine in the United States. He is the Medical Director of Partners in Integrative Cancer Therapies in Prescott, AZ and has joined our practice at Journey2Life in Boulder for 4 days a month. He is also available for phone or Skype appointments.


Dr. Zieve has practiced as an integrative medical doctor for over 35 years, and simultaneously as a board-certified specialist in emergency medicine from 1983-2003. From 2008-2013, Dr. Zieve was the supervising physician at EuroMed Foundation integrative cancer clinic in Phoenix, and also served as staff physician at An Oasis of Healing integrative cancer clinic in Mesa, AZ. Dr. Zieve has served in many ways nationally in the field of integrative and alternative medicine. He was an instructor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ in the 1990’s, and was President of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association for two terms in the late 1990’s. From 1999-2001 he was Medical Director of Paracelsus Fox Hollow Clinic near Louisville, KY, which was the US affiliate of Paracelsus Klinik, an internationally known cancer clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland.

Dr. Zieve is the author of two books: Healthy Medicine: A Guide to the Emergence of Sensible Comprehensive Care, and Beyond the Medical Meltdown: Working Together for Sustainable Health Care. He was interviewed on his approach to integrative cancer medicine for a chapter in the book Defeat Cancer. In an effort to further the national education of physicians in integrative cancer medicine, Dr. Zieve was the Medical Director of Healthy Medicine Academy and the Editor-In-Chief of the peer-reviewed Cancer Strategies Journal. He is the host of Healthy Medicine Radio in Northern Arizona on FM 90.1 in Prescott, which is available online worldwide through iTunes.

Approach to Cancer

Dr. Zieve has considerable success in treating many people with the diagnosis of cancer. His approach is three-fold:

1. Improve the well-being of the person: meaning energy, sleep , gut, emotions, and so on.  We use almost exclusively food programs, herbs, and nutritional supplements to support you in these areas, with the aim of improving your quality of life.

2. Improve the tumor micro-environment: In your situation this means lowering inflammation and addressing any other lab abnormalities that may show up on the labs you are hopefully doing this week. We are able to help you with this mostly with food programs, herbs, and nutritional supplements.

3. Addressing the cancer itself: This is the area that modern oncology focusses on, through surgery, chemo, radiation, and drugs, often at the expense of the patient’s quality of life. This area is very important to focus on the specifics of your cancer, and may involve doing further testing on your biopsy, to learn of specific mutations that could make successful treatment more difficult. If your cancer is more advanced, I may suggest some IV therapies here, such as IV Vitamin C, mistletoe therapy, or other IV therapies we provide.

Dr. Zieve collaborates with qualified local medical doctors who supervise highly trained naturopathic physicians in Boulder, whose nurses administer IV therapies for cancer. These IV therapies can often help patients who have a cancer diagnosis. Many of these naturopathic oncology therapies have direct action against cancer cells, and may also support patients who are going through chemotherapy to alleviate symptoms. 

Cancers Treated:
Prostate cancer
Breast cancer
Uterine cancer
Ovarian cancer
Multiple myeloma
Colorectal cancer
Lung cancers
Bladder cancers
Skin cancers
Head and Neck cancers
Brain cancers
Pancreatic cancer
Testicular cancer

Use the links below to schedule your initial or follow-up appointments.

Initial Appt.


Second Appt.


60 Min. Follow Up


30 Min. Follow Up


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