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Shamanic Healing & Energy Medicine

Journey 2 Life LLC

​I have been practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2011, and as a Registered Nurse since 2005. I began practicing energy medicine and shamanism in 2008 when I was strongly attracted to their spiritual and healing powers. They answered my call for healing modalities that deeply heal by healing the spiritual aspects of illness. I noticed time and time again where western medicine was limited and I knew there was more for me to learn. When one heals the deepest source of illness, balance and harmony are restored to the spirit, then healing to all parts of self can follow. We are most empowered when the wholy trilogy within is fully optimized- body, mind and spirit. It is then that we thrive!  Health is not merely the lack of disease, but is living in a state of harmony within self and with the external environment.  Health means feeling good in your body, settled in your mind, and happy in your soul. In our modern times of living in toxic environments, good health requires learning and accessing the tools that protect us from the environment. Shamanism and energy medicine are the antidotes that I have discovered, which I am grateful and overjoyed to share with you!

~ Tracy Shulsinger, FNP