Her study of nutrition over the last 10 years has been an exploration and ever-changing journey.  She has discovered firsthand the undeniable power food can have on our bodies. Not only can healthy foods change our symptoms, but it can impact and completely change our physiology. The influence our food has on our bodies is underestimated. Throughout her years of nutrition school and growing nutrition practice, she has personally and vicariously experienced these miraculous physical and physiological changes through smart, simple, whole foods.

Nutrition therapy is not just about changing the diet, it’s implementing behavioral, fiscal, and societal changes.  The combination of what’s expected of you in a nutrition therapy session is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it!  Sara’s personal experiences have allowed her to connect with her clients on a compassionate level, understanding that your nutrition is a sensitive and sometimes challenging subject.  She will meet you wherever you are in your health & lifestyle goals to help you thrive in a better, stronger, happier, more rested, you!

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Sara Kosick, CSCS, MNT

Sara Kosick obtained her Masters in Nutrition Therapy in 2009 while working as a Personal Trainer  and Strength and Conditioning Specialist in Denver.  

Sara has been intrigued by functional and alternative medicine since high school. She was able to find her path to holistic nutrition therapy practice at the Nutrition Therapy Institute. Continuing education led her to specialize in functional blood chemistry, thyroid health, diabetes, women's health, prenatal nutrition, food allergies, and GI health.

Sara implemented the Nutrition Department at Pura Vida Fitness & Spa in 2009 to complement her personal training career, just before she got pregnant with her daughter. As a personal trainer, Sara works with all client levels and goals: male, female, young, old, rehabilitation, pre/post natal, weight loss, sport-specific, and functional training modalities.