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Dr. Lisha Barré grew up in New Orleans, where her overly intellectual, uptight tendencies were tempered by a city deeply rooted in celebration and joyous indulgence. She obtained her BA with honors in History and Political Science from Louisiana State University. Following a year abroad in Annecy, France, and London, Dr. Barre commenced graduate studies in Political Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder, but aborted plans for a PhD because the degree couldn’t satisfy her need to palpably improve the lot of others. She completed an MA in Political Science while completing her pre-med coursework and then returned to her hometown to attend medical school at Tulane University, where she earned her MD in 1999. Following a one-year internship at Tulane/Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Dr. Barre spent three years in Manhattan completing her residency at Cornell and Columbia’s combined Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation program. She has also completed coursework in Medical Acupuncture via the Helms Institute at University of California, Los Angeles, and is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Barre has lived in Boulder, Colorado, since 2003 and has had a solo practice for pain and opioid addiction treatment in Arvada, Colorado, since 2006. Dr. Barré uses non-steroidal trigger point and joint structure injections plus dry needling and/or acupuncture alongside counseling in better moving, eating, and chilling to help restore patients to functional, sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle patterns.

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