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Holos Health and Journey2Life were conceived in 2009 in order to combine cannabis and functional medicine. Having cared for thousands of patients utilizing this approach, he has seen staggering results- often reversing disease while helping patients reduce their need for pharmaceutical drugs. In addition to studying cannabis extensively, Dr. Cohen feels that he learns more from patients than he does from reading medical cannabis textbooks and studies.

He is currently authoring “The Cannabis Friendly Guide to Cannabis” and is teaching budtender training classes while maintaining a full-time medical practice in both Boulder and Denver.

After spending the first 35 years specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Cohen ventured into the practice of cannabis medicine after returning from New Zealand in 2009. Throughout his career Dr. Cohen integrated nutrition and a healthy lifestyle- functional medicine- while guiding his patients toward wellness. Cannabis was a natural fit for this approach.

Dr. Cohen completed his residency training in 1979 in affiliation with Yale University School of Medicine and was in private practice in CT and CO before venturing to Wyoming to assist women of the Shoshoni and Arapaho tribes and to New Zealand where he worked with Maori women and families.

Joseph Cohen, D.O.

Medical Director and Owner

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