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Andi Volin, RN, MNT


Andi, a Registered Nurse and a Master Nutrition Therapist, graduated from the University of Virginia in 1987 with a bachelor’s of science in Nursing. Her work experience ranges from surgical intensive care, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, pharmaceutical research, mom-baby nursing, high-risk obstetrics, and neonatal intensive care. Her last few years in acute care involved coordinating admissions and transfers for nine facilities of a major hospital corporation. 

Over the years, Andi became increasingly disenchanted with Western medicine's "pill for every ill" mentality that encourages symptom suppression instead of addressing the root cause of chronic disease. She’s experienced firsthand the power of diet and lifestyle to eliminate disease, first curing her cat of autoimmune disease by removing grains from his diet, and second, curing her child's neurological disorder with a gluten- and dairy-free diet along with supporting normal digestion and detox pathways. After reading books on nutrition and holistic health for fun, Andi followed her passion and went back to school at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, graduating with honors in 2016. "Functional Medicine addresses the root cause of dis-ease in a holistic manner, she says. “It is the type of care I want for myself and for my loved one. I am proud to be a part of this evolution in medicine."  

Andi is thrilled to be a part of the Journey2Life team, where she can contribute both her RN and Nutrition Therapist skills.