Alison McQueen, MA, LPC is a licensed counselor, art therapist, and body-centered trauma specialist with a private practice focused on mindfulness-based trauma and depth work, conscious parenting and women’s issues, and cannabis use support for physical and psychological well-being. Bringing together over a decade of experience in the mental health field, clinical research experience as an MDMA-assisted psychotherapist treating PTSD, and four years of international experience in therapeutic art education in the Czech Republic, Alison works skillfully and empathically with adults, adolescents, and couples in cultivating lives of meaning and authenticity.  More about Alison

Alison McQueen, MA, LPC


Women’s Issues: life transitions, trauma recovery, sadness, empowerment and reclaiming your sense of self, connecting with your inner knowing, developing a more loving relationship with your own body, clearing ancestral patterns and unhealthy dynamics from your family of origin, learning grounding practices to transform anxiety into power, reclaiming creative flow

Cannabis Use Support: non-judgmental support around cannabis use and misuse, support in maximizing the benefits of cannabis for treating PTSD symptoms, anxiety spectrum disorders, chronic pain, etc., developing ‘right relationship’ with substances, spiritual aspects of cannabis and other medicines, developing skill sets for healthier use

Conscious Parenting: conscious conception, surprises, adoption, accidents, and other karmic curiosities that brought you and your child together, techniques for maintaining your health and sanity while raising children, art ideas for promoting healthy attachment in your home, how to talk with your kids about body boundaries, drugs, and other tough topics, noticing and transforming family patterns, learning how to play again

Men’s Issues: relationship challenges, trauma recovery, grief, lack of meaning and connection, healing from shame, self-esteem and personal power issues, sexuality, social anxiety, addiction, career challenges, failure-to-launch issues

LGBTQ: I deeply respect individuals who are non-conforming regarding gender and other identities.  My office is a safe space for all.  

Art Therapy: sometimes our inner experiences are beyond words, and that’s where images come in.  Art processes can be deeply informative, inspiring, and therapeutic. I offer individual and group art therapy experiences.  For information about upcoming groups, see

Counseling for Outsiders: feelings of isolation, struggles in finding meaningful connection and community, overwhelmed trying to maintain a status quo that isn’t authentic to you, identity crises, culture shock and reverse culture shock, feeling like a fish out of water in your family of origin, issues related to foreigners, immigrants, and alternative lifestyles


Individual or couples counseling $135/hour or $195/1.5 hours 

5-session package $540 (20% savings)

Current Group Offerings

Myth, Art & Movement Part 2: The Goddesses of Spring : 5-week series starts 4/29/17: Join a sacred circle of women for goddess mythology and storytelling, as well as intentional movement and art practices designed to activate the Goddess wisdom already within you. More info at

CONTACT INFO: or (303) 960-9935